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    So I have a question does anyone know/think that having a parent walk around inappropriate in the house for years, that that can contribute to my cptsd, and give me this feeling of general hatred towards men? I don’t know the exact cause of my cptsd, just a traumatizing childhood. Have never told my t about this…

    Would love to hear your thoughts about this, thanks!

    You wonder about the exact cause of your CPTSD which is a telltale symptom of CPTSD.   Unlike PTSD, complex trauma is not a single event but ongoing  hurtful events which are perpetrated by the very people who are supposed to nurture and protect you. Walking around the house in an inappropriate manner, as you describe it,  is far  from nurturing and protecting. Viewing this  type of behavior is traumatic for a child even if the child goes about their normal daily routine without voicing distress or complaints. This behavior was a form of abuse.

    Questioning your trauma could  sound invalidating to the untrained ear, but is pitch perfect because that’s one of the symptoms of CPTSD. Asking whether your environment  affected you negatively instead of  expressing that it did is consistent with adults who grew up feeling unsafe during their childhood.

    While all men are not guilty for what your father did, you understand what links your father’s behavior to your hatred of all men. I encourage you to talk to your therapist about these thoughts and feelings. They are in the best position to help you sort it all out. You don’t have to live the rest of your life plagued by the burden of your early years.

    I applaud your willingness to look at your  history and examine how it impacts your current functioning.



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    Thanks for your explanation and validation. Gonna try talking about it 😬

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