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    1. Anyone did before neurofeedback for ptsd/trauma and found it helpful?
    2. Any recomendations of a neurofeedback specialist?



    Hi ShyCholent,

    I personally have not done that, but I’m glad you are taking steps into looking for help!

    We have some wonderful therapists on our platform who may know more. Feel free to reach out to them for more information!

    I know for certain we have some therapists who are trained in other trauma interventions, such as brainspotting and EMDR.


    I hope this helps!

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    1) I did it once a week for 6 months. I noticed improvement but I was also seeing a therapist so I dont know how how much of the improvement was due to the neurofeedback.

    2) I did it in the UK (I am assuming you are looking for someone in the USA)

    (There are devices that one can use at home, your neurofeedback specialist will work with you remotely, no need to travel, you can use it whatever time suits you best and it also can be used daily so get better results. This is as an alternative to sitting at a computer in the neurofeedback place that I did once a week for 6 months, so this remote device may be a better option for you) for more info how it works see the company’s youtube video here

    In the amazing book The Body Keeps the Score, there is an entire Chapter (19) about neurofeedback and trauma

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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