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    I wrote this about my personal journey with my Special Needs Child. If anyone can gain support it will have been worthwhile:

    A baby born such an excitement,

    A special gift, something heaven scent

    The joy is palpable in the air

    Everyone participates in the simcha with happiness and fanfare

    The family so loving and doting

    On such a high, literally floating

    Bonding with the new addition

    Thanking the one above for this miracle creation

    Time passes by

    Here and there escapes a sigh

    The milestones are not being met

    What is going on they whisper and fret

    With mounting frustration they silently vent

    Running around to yet another specialist they went

    What is with our child they cry in dismay?

    As they turn to hashem heartbroken they pray

    Please help us this hardship to endure

    Our ache is so painful, it’s literally sore

    Their tears are spent

    As they moan and lament

    The tantrums are tearing us apart

    Ripping us to shreds and wounding our heart

    Objects get thrown across the room

    As our child struggles, rages and continues to fume

    The family is at a loss

    Why is our child so angry and cross?

    Then they get the diagnosis so hard to face

    AUTISM-a new journey they need to embrace

    The guilt and shame

    The sadness and constant self blame

    “If only” became the mantra the new song

    I would’ve done this or that went the chant all day long

    It really is so painful to be thrust

    Into a sad reality where “the perfect family myth” gets bust

    A new world they enter

    “The Special Needs” child at it’s center

    Trying to obtain the best care

    By asking and searching to be the most self aware

    Trying to block out the pain

    To be strong and not to complain

    But we are humans, we are meant to Feel

    To be genuine and to be real

    To express our emotions as they come and go

    Not to shut it out or to hinder its flow

    And that is the ultimate lesson to be learnt

    To give and to take, to avoid getting burnt

    To shoulder the burden with others out there

    who really want to help and care

    And to thank Hashem for granting us such a gem

    A flower so beautiful, A stunning BLOSSOM



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    This is very inspiring, Banana! It shows your incredible strength you possess! Life isn’t easy at all. But it can be less painful or easier when try as much as possible to embrace our personal challenges. Thank you so much for sharing!!

    Thank you so much for sharing this avocado! It’s truly beautiful and inspiring how you encapsulated this journey with minimal words while provoking maximum thought and feeling.

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    this is so inspiring and you have unbelievable writing talent. thank you for sharing!

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    Very inspiring, and thought provoking ! Thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem- an inspiration for every parent.

    May Hashem bentch you and all of us with the abilities to see the gift in every child.

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    Wow – beautiful poem @avocad0 ! Thank you for sharing. May HaShem provide with the strength and clarity to strive in the journey He has put you on. Congrats on being featured in the five point Friday!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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