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    anyone have any advice? my mornings are so hard, awful mood, so hard to get up and get out of bed, feel aversion to getting moving. Feel like a lazy bum, unreliable, irresponsible, super slow, sluggish and distracted….

    i also can’t control when i wake up on my own, i don’t wake up to alarm clocks, which is very frustrating

    but i feel so disgusting and hate myself so much in the mornings i just want to go back to sleep.

    i’ll stay i bed for hours if i can, it’s really bad. i’m so ashamed of it, and its hard also because once i feel better later in the daay i can use my coping skills and stuff, but when i’m really low into the depression, i want to feel bad about myself, i want to verbally/mentally beat myself up, and turning the negative self talk into positive feels like such a joke,don’t have the motivation at all, plus more anxiety

    i can end up staying in bed so long its not normal, if i dont have anything going on,

    it feels like there’s a wall i have to climb over to get up, get dressed, daven etc, too many steps, overwhelming,( which is pathetic, yes I know),an aversion / anxiety feeling (and yes i’m on anxiety, depression and adhd meds)  a heaviness that makes me want to stay in bed, and avoid everything

    can anyone relate?

    any ideas or suggestions on how to get past it ?


    • TStein23

    Hi TStein23,

    That sounds really difficult!

    There are 2 things that come to mind when you mention how difficult it is to get out of bed in the morning:

    1. Have you ever had your thyroid checked?  Thyroid issues cause serious exhaustion, depression, sluggish feelings, etc.  and can be tested with a blood test, and treated with a pill.
    2. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of this, but we all have something called a “Circadian Rhythm”; which is our 24 hour sleep/wake cycle.  One of the major foundations in mental health is the BALANCE of our circadian rhythm; which influences our mood, sleep, stress, pain, and depression.  If our circadian rhythm balance is off, we will be feeling all or many of the above mentioned things.  You can reregulate you circadian rhythm through nutrition, behavior, and psychotherapy.

    I hope this helps!

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    In response to Shoshanaort's post #11936:

    Hi Shoshana,

    thank you so much for your insights. I’m going to look into it.

    My circadian rhythm is definitely off, i can pull all nighters no problem, (don’t do it very often, especially since i’m finished college i do it rarely)  I can fall asleep with the light on and i sometimes do,

    i have a really hard time slowing down and getting to sleep, i have adhd its embarrassing.

    thank you! if anyone has any other suggestions that woudl also be great.

    thanks so much!:)


    I love the ideas that Shoshana gave.

    TStein23, you’re going through a lot! And this sounds so overwhelming to go through this pattern each morning. Also, so painful and disheartening to know where you want to be and be holding where you’re at now.

    Your self- awareness is amazing and your commitment to getting up everyday, no matter the time, is commendable!

    Here’s something to think about: “circumstances don’t create feelings; they trigger thoughts and thoughts produce feelings which generates action and then produce results”.

    Not getting out of bed in the morning is not inherently good or bad until YOU attach a meaning to it. It’s a circumstance. Here are some of the thoughts you are having about it: “i’ll stay in bed for hours if i can, it’s really bad”, or “Feel like a lazy bum, unreliable, irresponsible, super slow, sluggish and distracted….”, or “i feel so disgusting and hate myself so much in the mornings” and on and on… Constantly criticizing and bad mouthing yourself puts your self- worth to question, so of course you don’t want to get up in the morning! It’s so understandable!

    I’m wondering how it’s serving you to keep on fighting yourself and putting yourself down about the place that your at now? Beating yourself up and talking so negatively about yourself can only make you feel worse and of course generate the action not wanting to get up. Either get up or don’t, but it’s the negative self talk that’s really pulling you down. It’s all the thoughts you have about it that make you feel “so ashamed and in an awful mood” as you wrote.

    The awful feelings generate actions of you not wanting to get out of bed and your result is that you’re still not getting out of bed! All because of your thoughts!

    How would it be for you to be kind to yourself and accept yourself the way you are? When you wake up in the morning and don’t want to get out of bed, you can tell yourself “it’s OK. I’m still a worthwhile person and I still have value and can love myself just the way I am right now”.

    You will see that once you stop fighting and berating yourself with your negative self talk and begin instead to love and accept yourself, you will start to feel better about yourself which will generate actions and results that you want, i.e. be easier for you to get up in the morning.

    I hope this helps.

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