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    As a young adult with:


    It was quite a hard 6 months for me being that I didn’t see my therapists in person. only one out of the 3 therapists went back to person sessions.

    Is there any way people can support me through these hard times?



    Hi Anonymous,

    As you say, these are certainly hard times not just with the health crisis but with the isolation and the oftentimes subsequent worsening of our mental health.

    A few ideas:

    1. Ask your therapist for resources
    2. Look for online support groups (an example of one is Healing from BPD)
    3. Start utilizing a workbook that targets what you are working on
    4. Look for additional therapeutic supports like walk and talk type of therapies that can fulfill that in-person criteria
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    In response to Michali Friedman's post #9749:

    Hi Michali,

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

    I am not quite sure I understand what you are referring to in those 4 ideas. Is it possible to be more specific with more detail to each idea?

    I would really appreciate that.



    My pleasure!

    Yes sure! So when it comes to asking your therapist for resources, you can ask him or her for ideas of how you can be better supported during this difficult time.  They might have ideas like books, workbooks, group therapies online, support groups, etc. that can be of some benefit to you.

    I know of a website that I believe is listed off of the NIH called Healing from BPD that has resources for people who are diagnosed with BPD.  It might be helpful to check out the site to see if they have any services like support groups that interest you.

    For the different areas of life that you mentioned that you are growing and transforming in, there are so many workbooks out there that you can read and fill out that can aid in your growth and provide some additional support and information.  For example, there are workbooks that are geared toward DBT, a therapy used to teach people with BPD some useful skills.  There are other workbooks for body image struggles as well.

    There are some therapists who provide walk and talk therapy where they meet you in person and you have your session while walking in a public area like a park.  You can perhaps research if there are any therapists in your area that would be open and available to have walk and talk sessions with Covid precautions.

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    Thank you for clarifying all the ideas.

    They are answered with so much understanding….. Maybe my therapist I am seeing can help me with the walk and talk therapy.

    In fact, I kind of had something like that when I went to my last session. It also happens to be that from all my 3 therapists, I started out so comfortable with this one. It could be that it was because of the other 2 therapists who both helped me to open up.

    I am going to share all these great ideas with my therapist when I see her next!

    It is so my pleasure!

    And, yes that’s a great idea especially since you feel like you have a good rapport with her.

    She might have you sign additional forms so that you both are on the same page confidentiality wise when you are outside, but it sounds like it can be a wonderful option.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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