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    Hi OkClarity,

    let me preface my question by saying that overall I am bh in a great spot.

    I have a Rebbi that I am really close to and a great therapist! I also have friends that are accepting and supportive.(most are married)

    However, I live alone in a nice apartment and no matter how healthy a schedulel I try building for myself I am still lonely. (I go the gym and night seder program) Knowing that I am not in control of when I find a Shidduch, what are some practical types and/or mindset tricks to help me with this?

    (I usually end up waisting time watching TV shows and browsing tiktok :(.)

    Thank you so much for all your amazing content on WhatsApp!







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    Hi! I appreciate the answers and ideas you both gave! Thank you! (Now it’s time to try implementing)

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    Just watched the above video and want to say that from a married perspective, there are so many things i wish i did when i was single. ( i still go after my passions however , i must consider my wifes needs and arranging a babysitter and maybe working out the car if you have only one car.)  there are lists online of hobbys if that can help you brainstorm. So good luck and would love to know what you chose.

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    I had the exact same issue until I realized these following things to help relive that



    1. Listen to podcasts. Not boring ones that will put you to sleep, but ones that interest you. I find Headlines by Dovid Lichtenstein to be an awesome one! Also meaningful people by Nachi Gordon and Yaakov langer is a great one too. Also “Let’s get real with coach menachem” is super insightful and helpfu and is a lot abt mental health Podcasts are great because they don’t require you to do that much and you are entertained in the process. It always helps my loneliness (the ones I mentioned are all available on Spotify, podcast bean, apple podcast and some on YouTube)
    2. Some video games pass lots of time and are actually super fun. If you find ones that you can play online with other players might help you feel less lonely since you are competing against other people
    3. Being on group chats are a good way to interact with different people while still being at home

    hope this helped



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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