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    Hi everyone,

    A 14-year old relative of mine was transferred from an inpatient facility to a state hospital because the private facility is officially not a long-term facility and she was not deemed safe to go home.
    Needless to say, the conditions of the state hospital are horrendous – the other patients there are much more unstable, violent and the staff do not seem to be any better. This environment does not lend itself to recovery for anyone, let alone a frum young girl.
    Does anyone have any experience or advice to please assist in this matter?

    hi chana,
    Im sorry about this. sounds like a really difficult situation to be in. I know mount sinai doesn’t have an inpatient treatment for adolescents so i can save you that call..And generally another hospital wouldn’t take a transfer from a state hospital.

    have you tried calling your insurance company to see what facilities they would suggest and cover?

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    Have you tried Four Winds?

    Hi Chana, This sounds like a difficult situation. I’m sorry.
    Four winds might be a good choice.Thank you @es1234
    Here is the link for the adolescent inpatient treatment centers at Four Winds

    Another excellent facility is Silver Hill. They too have an inpatient adolescent treatment program with step down options etc.

    Center for Adolescents

    I hope this is helpful. Feel free to check back in and lmk know. I will still do some research and lye if I come across helpful resources.
    Best, fay

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    I live in a different region of the country – Midwest – and my daughter was sent to a state mental hospital and although there are severe cases there and the facility is not fancy ,the help received was important in her diagnosis of and beginning treatment for schizophrenia diagnosed around age 18 . She was started on shots which helped to stabilize her because she was refusing medication because she did not recognize her illness. After discharge from the hospital she was followed by a public health facility where nurses would travel to the home to help administer subsequent shots of long-term medication.there would also be social workers to come to the home to help her to recognize her illness and to adjust to receiving treatment. This was a big help at that time. Eventually we moved to a private mental health care practice where we received closapine/ clozaRil which required blood tests originally weekly and subsequently monthly to check for adverse side effects to blood count factors. The state Mental health outpatient facility would not prescribe this drug that turned out to be the ultimate answer to normal thinking ( I think the public health psychiatrist refused perscribing that medication because he did not want to have to meet with the patient as often as is required with that medication, but it is the gold standard for treating schizophrenia so give it a try if nothing else has worked ). Caution: my daughter fell back into delusional thinking after drinking a large amounts of green tea for an extended time ,including macha tea from Starbucks and green tea from Whole Foods ,and we are making a report to the FDA because Green tea is known to suppress absorption of the chemicals in clozaril. After removing all tea she is returning to mental wellness in thinking.

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