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    Hi Everyone,

    I am wondering how to take time for myself after helping my sister.

    I am on the plane to see 2 of my siblings.

    One of my siblings I am going to is to help her out with things in her house and to help her with her kids.

    Does anyone  have any good ideas of what I should do when I need to take a break.

    I need to show my sister that I can take Initiative.


    Hi! I hear where your struggle is.  I think the key words here are  “balance” and “boundaries”.  Being there to help your sister with things in her house and with her kids is such a nice thing, while taking time for yourself, and saying, “I need some time to do some stuff on my own” is a really nice and important thing for you to do for yourself.  Many times balance and boundaries can be the hardest with family members, but they can be done!

    Good luck!

    Def. a touchy subject!

    On the one hand it sounds like you want to be there for your sister & her fam and you also need personal space.

    I like the idea of taking “recess” and “lunch breaks” when possible; kinda like a work or school schedule maybe you can build in some down time; going for walk, listening to music etc. ahead of time so there are no surprises for anyone.

    You may also be able to be straightforward with your sister and tell her ahead of time you occasionally will need to “take 5” it seems like a very reasonable request.

    good luck!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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