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    I always wonder what is the gift giving protocol for therapists. Like I want to express my appreciation, but is it over stepping boundaries?

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    I was so excited to see that you chose to answer my question!! 🙂 thanks so much Fay and Michali! At first I was a little surprised to hear your positive reaction to gift giving, but I love how you gave guidelines, included the five love languages, and how you explained the subject! thanks for your response!

    Do you think this is a general answer, or some therapists may have policies against it? like is it something I should ask my therapist?

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    Hey ec, this is one of those topics that has no absolute rule, but some general guidelines are helpful.

    Most therapists (I assume) would be taken aback by something extravagant, which can vary from client to client based on their individual circumstances.

    Many, not all, are usually ok with small tokens of appreciation – especially if it is a value of the client’s i.e. someone who sends gifts to everyone at holiday time or includes the therapist with while buying gifts for their children’s teachers and helpers etc. or at termination etc.

    What may be a red flag is something out of the blue, something super expensive or something that crosses a boundary of sorts.


    Hope this is helpful, happy gifting!!



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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