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    Has any of you felt that throughout your life you have unfairly become the victim of double-standards?  In other words, have any of you felt that when you’re doing the same exact thing as others, only you are criticized but no one else is, or others are commended for the very sane action for which you are criticized?

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    In response to robingoldman's post #14813:

    I listened to your video in response to my question about double-standards.  To clarify, I’ll give some examples:

    A few years ago, when I was davening for the Amud in shul, I was about to say Yishtabach at which point  a member of the shul stopped me and claimed that the shul policy is that someone else has to take over by Yishtabach.  I had never heard of such a policy.  Also, many other people continued without someone else taking over, but he only had an issue with me.

    For a number of years, my daughter, who has misophonia, often complained about noise from the way I eat.  When we traveled together, she would complain about my distracting her in the car when I hardly did anything.  One day I mentioned to my wife in my daughter’s presence that I did not want to go together with the family on a certain trip because I can’t tolerate my daughter’s complaints, to which my daughter took offense.  My wife felt that she was right to be offended but I tried explaining to my wife that I should be given the same consideration.

    There are other situations that I can’t recall right now, but I hope this gives a better understanding.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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