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    I’m a Young adult who has been obsessing over food since I was in high school and have lost a decent amount of weight (even thought I wasn’t fat). I was always self conscious the way I looked and that I couldn’t fit into a size 2 or 4(sometimes) even though I was skinny “fat”. This past year I indulged a lot and became really chubby not fitting into any of my clothes but I decided to stop and I have starved myself a lot to loose an extreme amount of weight and I did. After loosing that weight, I am careful not to gain it back and I have a routine of starving myself till lunch in the mornings. A relative of mine told me that he thinks I’m anorexic and that’s when I froze. I don’t want to be called that but it made me realize maybe I’m too extreme.

    Does anyone have any feedback on what I should do and if you call this an actual eating disorder? I’m just looking for any comments on this matter if it should be serious or not…

    Thanks for reaching out!

    This definitely does sound serious and not a healthy, happy way to live. I hope you can find the strength to reach out for support from a professional so that you can live a life where you are not controlled by food, the number on your clothing labels, and a need to starve until noon.

    If you’d like help finding a therapist who works with eating disorders please reach out to

    Rooting for you!




    Thank you for sharing some of your recent experience here.  This pandemic has had all sorts of awful effects on us, and you are certainly not alone in taking to food during this time.  Food represents all kinds of things to people – comfort, warmth, festivity and celebration, and ritual to name a few.  And food has certainly served the role of comforter and stress reliever for many people during this difficult time.

    I do not specialize in eating disorders but I have seen that there is a difference between having a diagnosed eating disorder and disordered eating.  The diagnosis includes specific clinical symptoms that need to be present whereas disordered eating is when a person has a pattern of unhealthy eating habits that get in their way when it comes to physical and mental functioning but don’t necessarily meet specific diagnostic criteria.

    When it comes to losing weight, the end doesn’t justify the means.  Meaning, that if a person is physically unhealthy due to overweight and wants to be healthy, the way to go about it is through healthy means like intuitive eating, consulting a nutritionist, becoming more mindful of our bodily sensations and needs, and speaking to a mental health professional to understand more about why we may have gotten to an unhealthy place to begin with.  Using starvation, an unhealthy technique, to achieve a healthy weight also does not teach us any skills for how to have a healthy, natural, and balanced relationship with food.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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