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    In the past I’ve been dealing with anxiety and depression. At a certain point i was recommended to see a psychiatrist, who prescribed low dose SSRI and recommend that I see a therapist as well. Ever since I was started on anti depressants I’m a changed person, but the therapist I started seeing claims that there’s not much to do in therapy since I’m currently not experiencing any negative emotions. I wonder if there’s a way to yes continue therapy, since I don’t want to experience a relapse once I go off the medication.

    Hi Ayelet,

    I am so glad to hear the meds you’ve started are really working for you and you’ve experienced such transformation so early on.  I’m with you that as human beings there are always things we can learn and areas to grow in.  Some suggestions for what to work on are CBT techniques for when you get into a negative mind space and also for helping you gain better control over your thoughts.  Another idea is making a plan for if you did relapse as in what do you do first, second, third, etc.  One final area to explore is relationships – how have they been impacted by the anxiety and depression and what perspectives can be helpful to adopt to better understand these relationships moving forward.

    It’s important to note that not all therapists are trained in these struggles so it is something you can straight out ask your therapist if he or she has experience with.

    Hi Ayelet, that’s a great Q.

    The answer to your question in my experience is definitely.

    I am not a psychiatrist – but if you ever choose to go off the medication and negative thoughts return, learning skills (as @Michali wrote) to help navigate those would be super helpful.

    Additionally, even with medication we experience some mood cycling and it would be super helpful to conquer those swings when they come.

    All the best!



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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