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    In response to WhatsAppers's post #11051:

    Extremely well said, (actually culdnt’ve said it better)

    Is the person speaking in the video a public therapist? (Meaning does she take clients?)

    -Anonymous WhatsApper

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    In response to WhatsAppers's post #11077:

    Thank you!! That’s Fay Brezel, OKclarity co founder. You can reach out to her by emailing ❤️

    -Staff Response

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    So why get married you can have a relationship with hasem too and believe tht kids will come and generations will continue….God created humans to have human interactions and we are complicated being saying tht its normal and ok to feel and ppl who are sensitive need to feel and express themselves even more so you can’t compare the past to now they were more connected back then…

    -Anonymous WhatsApper

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    I’m loving this thread and all the responses.

    From reading all the posts, I would say that it comes down to “balance.”

    Meaning, we can have a beautiful, rich relationship with Hashem, which includes crying out to Him, etc., AND, we can also talk to a therapist if we see that’s needed. In fact, research shows that spirituality can be very effective in one’s healing journey.

    So I think you – we can – have both! I talk to Hashem when I’m just so frustrated, upset, scared, etc., and I find it really helps – in addition to the other skills I’ve acquired in therapy, and I’m bH still there.

    So, we can most definitely have both! And you can speak to someone whom you trust if you’re not sure if you need therapy. Someone whose objective.


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    The eres nothing wrong with seeing a therapist many do take insurance and you’ll be surprised its very helpful

    Go ahead and try  it theres nothing to lose and lots to gain

    Make sure its a good one they can also help you with coping strategies

    Find a frum one and yo7 can discuss emuna with them too




    Hi Anonymous WhatsApper,

    Your question is such a beautiful, deep, and soulful question, I feel your sensitivity in it.

    In answer to the first part of your question, while it’s true most people did not have access to a therapist 100 years ago, that doesn’t mean therapy wasn’t needed.  Any human need can exist even if we haven’t yet found a way to care for it.  That being said, there is plenty of research nowadays that looks into the efficacy of normative treatments.  An example of this is the study that questions if traditional talk therapy is the best approach to trauma treatment.  The difference between now and the centuries before us, is that we now have access to tools that can very possibly fulfill our mental health needs.  Therapy is quite simply a tool.  It might not be a perfect tool but as a therapist, I do very much believe in the healing power of therapy – that the right therapy and therapist can transform a person’s life.  The trick is finding that right shaliach.

    Which brings me to the second part of your question, isn’t G-d a sufficient support to mental health struggles.  While I do believe using our spirituality and relationship with G-d can serve as a powerful addition to treatment, I think that having a human being who can respond with words to the things you say is invaluable.  It is through the interaction with another person and the evolving therapeutic relationship, that we gain more processed insights about ourselves and grow.

    Using a spiritual lens, Hashem is in every thing that we do, in every person we interact with, and He is within us.  So, it can be that Hashem is talking back to us through the therapist and our very own thoughts.  As clients we certainly must put in effort into finding a healthy, wise, and educated therapist.  When we have found that shaliach, therapy can truly be a godsend!

    I read your words, and this is how I understand your question. You ask whether it’s normal to deprive yourself of therapy despite feeling it could help. Would you deprive yourself of seeing a doctor if you have an infection, or a dentist if you have a cavity? You say that two hundred years ago therapy would have been considered absurd.

    So would cell phones and MRIs.

    Neither doctors nor therapist are G-d, but we each are mandated to heal and provide relief from physical and emotional pain. It’s wonderful that you call out to G-d when you are in pain. Dovid Hamelech did the same, and  all generations since, murmur prayers to G-d using the tehilim he composed.

    I do not believe HaShem wants you to suffer. Pain is unavoidable but suffering is optional. Working with a trained and experienced therapist can help.

    Take care of yourself.


    I am humbled by the multitude of warm sensitive responses.

    A few thoughts of my own…

    You shared, “I’m struggling a lot… I cry for nothing…it seems to me that I’m too sensitive…”

    From what you shared it seems that you have an understanding that your emotional pain is more than you are capable of healing without support, yet you are reluctant to acknowledge the need.

    It may be beneficial to first explore the reason for your reluctance.

    Could it be that you fear it may be a betrayal of G-d? He Who is your Best Friend? Are you afraid that Hashem would be upset that you didn’t fully trust Him and you sought outside support? Are you afraid that you may be ruining your special relationship with Him?

    Another thought…

    Many of us, without realizing it, hold on to our struggles because they seem to serve us well. They “shield” us from a future filled with uncertainty.

    Is it possible that you are holding tightly to your sadness, as it’s a safer more comforting place than the fear of the unknown? An unknown future possibly filled with happiness, success, as well as sadness, responsibilities, decisions, rejection, etc.

    Perhaps you can meditate on these thoughts and allow yourself to continue your healing journey. I believe in you.

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    About crying alot emotion is a bracha but when it happens very often it could be more then just the plain emotion i have it alot and realized that there was more then just the emotion

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    In response to Rachel Brezel's post #12170:

    Such an amazing response!!

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