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    Hi everyone… So I’m dealing with anxiety and depression and on top of that, recently I’ve been cutting. So I’ve spoken to a few people and I decided that if I have had the urge then I would go talk to someone I’m close with, etc. The only issue with that is when it’s normally time for sleeping or ppl are busy yk. So at like 4 am I couldn’t stop myself. I’m wondering if anyone has any advice because there was no way I could talk to someone at that time. I really need help. Thank you so much!

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    That is definitely very tough to deal with.

    One suggestion would be to text the Crises Text Line (which I believe is available 24/7). They have many trained counselors who can help you.

    You text “Lev” to 741-741 and they will assist you.

    I wish I had more suggestions, but that’s the only one that comes to mind. Let us know how it goes 🙂 Hatzlacha!!

    Hi ChavivaSZ,

    It’s wonderful that you have started to create some safety measures for yourself.  While it is so commendable that you are trying to help yourself, when we engage in cutting there is something very deep going on where we are oftentimes either trying to escape our realities and numb ourselves or we are trying to penetrate reality and make ourselves feel.  Oftentimes, we hurt ourselves because we were hurt so badly by important figures in our lives, and there is what to process with that specifically with a professional who specializes in treating self-harming behaviors.

    Hi Chaviva, first off kol haavod for being open & vulnerable to sharing a bit about what’s going on.

    While reading your post I was wondering if there’s a specific link between the fact that no one is around when you have the urge to cut. If there’s something about the fact that there’s no one to talk to that leads to an increased urge?

    I’d encourage you to bring this up w. your therapist and find ways to assuage some of those deep feelings of loneliness which can feel very overwhelming.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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