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    Dear ocd

    U and I we go back a long time… we have known each other for a good while. In fact ur part of my earliest childhood memories. Back then though u were just an acquaintance. Far back in my mind I always knew u were there. U didn’t give me much trouble through. As time went on I grew older. Now a teen. And suddenly I had a new friend. The kind u turn to when there’s no other option…. when I need company or in this case feeling of safety and there’s no one else to provide it. Alright I can deal with that. And then the older I got the stronger our relationship did too. As an adult I considered u a real friend. Someone to turn to in times of need… a listening ear, a supportive smile, and the reassuring feeling of comfort that ull always be there when I needed u. U won’t turn ur back on me like some people in my life did. Ull always support me , help me , give me all I need… and u really did. And so I trusted u and considered u a true friend.
    The past few months though… things have taken a turn for the worse. U became a lot more needy. U crossed many boundaries. Ud barge into my life when u weren’t welcome and I was having private time with myself or family. At the same time u weren’t as supportive as before. U started taking my needs and the trust I gave u and using it against me. Our relationship has turned into a pretty unhealthy one. Yes even close friends can sometimes cross boundaries. But exactly that is the indication that I gave u too much. That ur no longer a friend to rely upon. In fact Uve been a hoax all along. And I, in my depressed state fell for u.Times are changing now my friend. Ive seen through ur facade. Ur no longer who u claim to be and therefore it is time for us to cut ties. It will be an agonizing journey but one I realize now I need to tread upon in order to become a better me. So this is my goodbye to u. From now on u are no longer welcome here. I would appreciate if u don’t attempt to ever get in my way again. However even if u do I will no longer fall for ur lies. Tnx for being here when I needed u and Tnx for finally pulling ur mask off and showing me the real u! Goodbye!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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