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    I am suffering from crippling anxiety and can’t seem to get it under control. I finally found a medication that helped me so much with the anxiety but the side effects were too severe for me to handle and I had to stop it completely and now I am back to square one. I also tried on the advice of my psychiatrist CBD, Inositol, and NAC and they all didn’t help. I’m so beyond frustrated! I’m already trying all the skills my therapist has suggested like drinking hot tea, deep breathing, self validation, distraction, and am even working on acceptance of the anxiety. They help to some degree but I am still finding my anxiety so crippling. I guess what I’m looking for is support and ideas of what else I can do to still the anxiety as I am really struggling.

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    Wow, this definitely sounds very hard…

    Hmm, have you explored maybe doing deeper work or a different modality of therapy? I don’t know what modality you’re doing now, but it could be that a different modality will hit the spots that need to be targeted that aren’t being targeted now.

    Just a thought…

    Also, have you heard of The Center for Anxiety?

    They have offices in Brooklyn and other places. Maybe check them out.

    It sounds like you’re doing all the right things, and I really commend you for putting in all this effort! I know that I def need to try harder.

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    I just read your post..and I’m feeling for you.   its so hard when you feel like this and you are trying so hard to help yourself and it’s not working. Could It be something else with the anxiety?

    I really really feel for you and I’m sorry you have to go through this pain’s really really not easy…

    I hear your frustration!

    Just something different to think about- I recently had a client in a similar situation. She took a blood test which showed hormonal imbalance. When she began taking a medication to to supplement the hormone she was missing, she felt a little better almost immediately.

    How would it fit for you to take a blood test to check things out?

    I’m feeling for your pain and rooting for you to get through this.

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    Its really painful to have anxiety! And BeH I want to share what has worked for me.. I didnt know I had anxiety because I would freeze and end up with panic attacks. EFT( emotional freedom technique /tapping ) was BH what helped in the most amazing way! I want to put it out there for You and wishing You much Hatzlacha in whatever You do to help heal You BeH!

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    Hope things are going well

    Personally found omega three rich foods helpful (such as sardines), as well as chamomile and mint tea.

    Short daily bitachon messages were helpful.

    Someone also meantioned TRE exercises.

    Wishing all the best



    I’m sorry that you’re going through this.  When we are going through intense anxiety, it’s such an isolating feeling, and the hopelessness and helplessness in this area are very depressing.  Have you been in touch with a psychiatrist who can change the medications?  Has someone educated you on what the different medications do?  The reason I’m asking this is because there are SSRI’s and there are benzodiazepines.  The SSRI’s are helpful for longer term anxiety and can help with changing the neuroplasticity in your brain, where as the benzos have much faster results.  However, benzodiazepines have a number of negative side effects, including hindering the ability to make changes in your “anxious brain”.  As a therapist, I aim to help people get off the benzo’s ASAP, and if need be, stay on SSRI’s for a little longer.  If this is new information for you, you might want to do research or find ways to figure out what medication you can take now to help you function, until you can find a better long term solution.

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