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    Hi, thank you for this wonderful platform.  I  discovered I experienced childhood trauma. I am working with a trauma therapist and it is taking me a very long time for me to be open with her. She is only aware of my situation to a limited extent and therefore I can really use some support in the meantime, until I feel safe enough to share with her and get the guidance and support I need.

    I am single living at home with unhealthy parents, one of them who is codependent and doesn’t respect my boundaries and makes me feel unsafe. My needs are constantly not heard and even denied and this parent attempts to control me to get their own needs met. As I am in therapy and I am noticing more and more how twisted this dynamic is, it is becoming increasingly difficult to handle being in such a painful unhealthy environment .

    1. I am struggling in how to frame my situation. Do toxic relationships like these require total cut off in order to protect my own needs?
    2. It is extremely hard to do therapy work when surrounded by people who don’t allow me to take care of my needs and make feel like I have no space to be free and independent . However, the idea of physically distancing myself to be on my own is utterly terrifying and heartbreaking that I am choosing to remain in a toxic environment that is impeding my healing. Is physical distance sometimes needed for recovery even when the idea of it activates trauma?                                                                                                                                I feel totally stuck and would really appreciate any encouragement, feedback or advice.
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    Hey there, I am currently in the same situation and it is painful. I would say moving out but not cutting off the contact would be the easiest way to give yourself the space you need.

    All the best 💙

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    In response to robingoldman's post #14145:

    Fay, can you give more examples of , quoting you, creating physical space prior to completely moving out?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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