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  • Feeling anxious is a normal part of life.
    We all experience anxiety, worry, fear, and stress at different points in our lives.
    We also all hope this feeling is temporary and circumstantial.
    When does this naturally occurring emotion become problematic?
    Anxiety becomes more problematic when it’s not just a temporary feeling but persists over a long period of time and may even get worse over time. At this rate, it tends to interfere with daily activities, work and school performance, and relationships.
    Some of the common anxiety disorders are: generalized anxiety, panic disorder (recurrent panic attacks), social anxiety, separation anxiety, specific phobias, and selective mutism.
    Please note – you do not need to be diagnosed with a specific anxiety disorder to use this space.
    The great news about anxiety and anxiety disorders is that various forms of treatments and interventions are proven to be highly effective.
    In addition to psychotherapy being an effective treatment method, research has shown that support groups, self help, stress management techniques, and a myriad of self soothing skills are extremely effective in reducing the intensity of anxiety.
    You are invited to treat this space as a confidential support group where you can engage with each other to share the ins and outs of your past and/or current struggle with anxiety.
    Below is a link to a current article from the American Psychological Association.
    It briefly but clearly describes the different categories of anxiety disorders.
    Support yourself and others by subscribing to this category so you can join the conversation at any time.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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