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There is no longer a reason to struggle in silence. Our forum is an easily accessible, welcoming, completely anonymous modality with which OKclarity community members can authentically connect with others. Each thread, organized by topic, allows users to share personal experiences and safely engage with people who truly understand. Whether you want to further develop your emotional well-being, engage with peers who identify with a particular struggle, or elicit recommendations, this is the space for you. Our comprehensive forums address topics spanning from physical and emotional health to personal growth and lifestyle enhancement. No matter where you are on your journey, you have a home here.

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    • Anxiety
      From general anxiety to panic attacks, this is a space for users to look to each other for help and support for the many trials of living with worry and fear.
    • 52
    • 490
    • 1 week ago
    • Depression
      Depression can be overwhelming. This forum offers a community of active users eager to listen and advise each other on handling daily life with depression.
    • 26
    • 329
    • 6 days ago
    • Addiction
      Whether you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, this forum offers a valuable resource to share stories, referrals, and advice.
    • 9
    • 101
    • 1 week ago
    • Trauma
      Trauma can be a very difficult thing to share, even with a close friend or family member. Through the anonymity of their own keyboards, members can use this forum as a low stakes way to have real discussion about life & loss.
    • 44
    • 362
    • 7 hours ago
    • Autism Spectrum
      Living with Autism or raising an Autistic child can be a true challenge. It turns every day activities into major struggles- something that most people outside of this situation find difficult to understand. This forum connects members with people who do and can - relate, advise, and listen to those who need it.
    • 8
    • 70
    • 7 months ago
    • Something else? Post here!
      This is an area to talk about anything else relevant to emotional health, mental health, or something that you think is important. Let us know, we want to hear it.
    • 117
    • 1,081
    • 7 hours ago
    • Relationships
      Big Jewish families are great. But they can also lead to big Jewish emotions, struggles, and hardships- the same goes for friendships and relationships outside the family system. This is a space to talk about all the good and the bad and sort through it all together.
    • 60
    • 771
    • 1 week ago
    • Self Care
      Life can get so busy and we can get so caught up in taking care of others that we forget to look after someone even more important: ourselves. Through tips, questions, and suggestions, the members of this community focus on helping each other continue to improve and grow.
    • 15
    • 197
    • 1 week ago
    • Dealing with Emotions
      Emotions are important. They inform how we feel about ourselves, others, and influence our decision making. But sometimes, they can be too much to sort through on your own. When that’s the case, members of this forum are here to take some of the load off your shoulders.
    • 59
    • 712
    • 1 week ago
    • Parenting
      Raising a child is revered as one of the most fulfilling experiences a person can have. And while that may be true, it’s also really hard! This is a community for people to compare notes, ask questions, and try to guide each other throughout all the rewarding, and difficult parenting experiences.
    • 15
    • 161
    • 6 days ago
    • Just Shmooze
      This is a place for people to talk, tell stories, share about a good or bad day, and ask questions about anything they wish. It’s like a virtual kiddish, so you get to let go of the pasted smile.
    • 26
    • 330
    • 2 months ago
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