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Zalman Nelson, Social Worker From Safed, North District

Zalman Nelson

Verified Pro

Social Worker, LCSW   Safed, North District


Jewish Social Worker in Safed, Israel

Hi, I'm Zalman. Great to meet you. So you're looking for a therapist? That's awesome. It requires courage to take that step, and you clearly have it.

As for me, I'm a therapist with over 14 years of online and in-person therapy work, including Jewish & non-Jewish clients around the world, and community members and Yeshivot in Brooklyn, N.Y. and Tsfat, Israel. I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the United States (NY) & Israel.

The therapy work I do with clients focuses on learning the skills to handle feelings, validate your self, work with your triggers, improve confidence and communication, and upgrade all of your relationships. And by adding inner child trauma focus to the work, more effective, faster, long-lasting results are created that you'll be able to self-maintain. I help people get to the core of their struggles, so they grow and progress as quickly as possible, enjoy lasting changes, feel empowered to stand on their own two feet, and without taking countless months to start seeing changes and shifts in your life.

It's also a passion of mine to use digital tools to help people heal and grow; including phone/video calls, and messaging. Have you heard of messaging therapy?

Text therapy, or messaging therapy, is an asynchronous (not live, immediate responses) way to access a mental health professional via mobile device or computer. In short, you don't have to wait until you have an appointment to share with your therapist or seek counsel. Rather, you can use the secure, private messaging space to post and reply to messages 24/7. No need to wait to get something off your mind. Your therapist will see your messages and can respond to you throughout the day. You can expect responses daily, within 24 hours, five days a week.

Many have benefitted from accessing therapy in this way, including countless who were unable or unwilling to engage in traditional face-to-face therapy. And the research is growing on messaging therapy's effectiveness.

I believe that therapy should be affordable and available to anyone courageous enough to seek it out, and be ready and willing to engage in healing and growth. Ask me about my messaging therapy packages that make therapy accessible and affordable.

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Social Worker serving the Jewish community in Safed, Israel


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