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Tara Milhem, Registered Dietitian From Brooklyn, NY

Tara Milhem

Verified Pro

Registered Dietitian, RD, CDN   Brooklyn, NY


Jewish Registered Dietitian in Brooklyn, NY

I am a Registered Dietitian and the lead dietitian at City Nutrition, a boutique nutrition practice working with a variety of different nutrition concerns.

At City Nutrition, we use a combination of intuitive eating practices and a non-judgmental, person-centered approach to deep dive into your relationship with food. We offer a safe space to bring your nutrition concerns, food beliefs, and body-image related feelings to the table as we open up the conversation, and help rework your relationship with food to one that you are able to navigate with both grace and ease. Creating a healthy lifestyle that lasts requires a strong foundation, and often times some guidance and accountability until it becomes second nature.

For more information about my practice and how I work, please visit

To book an appointment, please call or text 347-433-8413 or email

*We take some insurances, but primarily are a private pay practice

Registered Dietitian serving the Jewish community in Brooklyn, NY


195 Broadway
New York NY, 11211

New York, NY, USA

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