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Mendy Klein, Life Coach From Brooklyn, NY

Mendy Klein

Verified Pro

Life Coach, Breathwork Facilitator, Somatic Practioner   Brooklyn, NY


Jewish Life Coach in Brooklyn, NY

As a CTI (Coach Training Institute) & “Your Infinite Life Coaching” certified life coach, I am skilled at helping clients find their stuck places and move to thrive instead of just survive.

Therapy is about helping clients work through the traumas that are keeping them stuck. Coaching is about holding a clients hand as they set goals and move forward into maximizing their potential in ways they never imagined possible.

One of my roles as a coach is to help clients maximize their therapy experience. To that end, I am a trained somatic (SRT & TEB) practitioner, as well as a certified Transformational Breathwork Facilitator.

Somatic therapy helps clients regulate their nervous system which often deregulates as a result of traumatic experiences. Regulation of the nervous system is a prerequisite to a client having a positive and effective therapeutic experience.

Breathwork is the art of letting go and learning how to open ourselves up to all possibilities in life by focusing on something you do all the time – breathing!

A breathwork session is an hour long session of continuous breathing, which allows for a continuous flow of fresh oxygen to flow into the body from head to toe bringing an alignment of consciousness to every cell. As fresh breath flows in, and stuckness and trauma are breathed out, the body resets to its natural rhythm bringing you back to wholeness.

The combination of these modalities create a unique experience and the ability to help clients move through blockages to affect real life changes.

Life Coach serving the Jewish community in Brooklyn, NY


1957 52nd Street Brooklyn NY
NY, 11204

Rockland County New York
17 Sands Point Road, Monsey, NY, USA

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