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Laura Schneebaum, Mental Health Counselor From Manhattan, NY

Laura Schneebaum

Verified Pro

Mental Health Counselor, LMHC, NCC   Manhattan, NY


Jewish Mental Health Counselor in Manhattan, NY

I believe the therapeutic relationship can be both healing and empowering. I use a person centered, strengths-based approach to help each person best reach their goals. Together we create a warm, safe, and genuine space that each person can use to gain self-awareness and feel supported. We work to eliminate distress and facilitate personal growth to help the client reach their individual goals. Throughout this process, I place great importance on understanding the impact of a person’s identity, culture, and environment to best support them. I also believe collaboration, creativity, and humor are essential to the process!

I specialize working with women who are struggling with anxiety, low self esteem, identity development, relational issues and grief and bereavement. I have extensive experience working with Jewish women of various observance levels.

Mental Health Counselor serving the Jewish community in Manhattan, NY


244 5th Avenue
New York NY, 10001

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