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Jewish Therapist in Doylestown, PA

I’ve been an educator and a psychotherapist for over 40 years. In our work together we start right where you are, with curiosity and empathy. The goal is to love yourself and your life. We establish your needs and goals, including the deeply important ones regarding self-care, confidence and healthy connections with others.

In that context, I teach conflict resolution and communication skills. The goal is to be able to know and assert your truth without escalating conflict, drama and pain. While insight and understanding are so valuable and liberating, our work together includes your physical and emotional feelings as well. I teach skills to ease stress and the nervous system and how to regulate emotion. I ask you to embark on an effortless practice of meditation to build the skills of mindfulness and stress regulation.

In the course of many years, I’ve learned and assimilated scores of psychological theories and modalities. At this time, I frequently employ CBT and DBT methods. The Work by Byron Katie has been a useful benefit. The giants in the field, Freud, Jung and Adler continue to inform my work in understanding unconscious content and drive. The work of Kohut and others on mirroring and attachment style is often very useful. The research of the Gottmans on couples therapy and the work of Barry McCarthy on sex therapy has helped my clients. But of all these theories and methods, perhaps the most important is Carl Rogers, Client Centered approach.

The trust and safety that we can create in our rapport enables positive change to result.

My Jewish identity was born in Queens, NYC. My mother’s family was orthodox and had come from Austrio-Hungary before the turn of the 20th century. They established a business in the garment trade. My grandfather was born in Hungary and arrived at Ellis Island after World War I. When I was four, my parents moved the family to the Jewish suburbs of Cleveland. We practiced as Reform Jews and attended weekly Jewish services. At 18, I was sent on an Aliyah to Israel as a volunteer immediately after the 6 Day War. Now, my own children & grandchildren honor their Jewish heritage and identity in their own lives.

I welcome you on a journey of self discovery and self love that seeks your wholeness, happiness and health.

Therapist serving the Jewish community in Doylestown, PA


150 Selner Lane
Doylestown PA, 18901

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