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Psychologist in Cairo, Egypt

Hello, my name is Dina, and my main goal, if you let me, is to join you on your journey to find your stance as the main character in your own journey. I am a Freudian psychoanalyst, so my therapy is focused on finding the root cause of a behavior, emotion, or action you are curious/bothered about. Because of the invasive nature of analysis, I have created a combination of analysis and mindfulness. To me, it feels like yoga for the brain! By anchoring yourself in your here and now through your senses, you find yourself in a safe space, which will neither the scary future nor the upsetting past. By giving you this calm you can dig deep without feeling like you are ripping the bandage at once! I have studied yeshiva, sotha, Tanya, and Jewish studies for 13 years. It has made me understand humanity, kindness, and empathy. I do not include religion in my sessions unless my patient/client asks for it. But I do find that understanding more about humanity helps me become more open and understanding. I fluently speak English, Arabic and German have studied forensics, worked with minority groups, seen persecution, studied hormones, and believe that a holistic way of treatment that involves everything from dreams to traditions to tongue slips to habits is the way for me to unlock your fullest potential and best version of your happiness! I help you take back space in your head, and because of what I studied, I am sure that there is nothing you can throw at me that I will not be able to handle!

Psychologist serving the Jewish community in Cairo, Egypt

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