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Dena Werner, Social Worker From Brooklyn, NY

Dena Werner

Verified Pro

Social Worker, LCSW, PhD(c)   Brooklyn, NY


Jewish Social Worker in Brooklyn, NY

The diverse nature of the human experience often leads to feelings of confusion, loneliness, anxiety, depression, and disenfranchised grief. Yet, by acknowledging these experiences, we gift ourselves with opportunities of change.

I work with teens and young adults, with a focus on the emotional components of living with chronic illness, grief, loss, and life transitions. I provide psychodynamic and trauma-informed care, with specialized training in DBT, EMDR, and somatic interventions.

While I use an arsenal of skills to help my clients meet their goals, the one thing that remains fixed throughout the treatment process is my intention to remain present and purposefully curious. That is, at the end of the day, it is our presence, curiosity, and willingness to learn that drives the creation of new knowledge, meaning, healing, and personal growth.

I invite you to reach out with your questions so that you can take the next brave step in your therapeutic journey.

Social Worker serving the Jewish community in Brooklyn, NY


Brooklyn, New York
2914 Avenue L
NY, 11210

Service Area
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