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Frum Therapist in Pomona, NY

Whether I am treating a client, teaching new social workers, or just being with someone, my goal is the same. I hope to be able to allow people to connect more mindfully to themselves and to others.

I use a blend of modalities in my practice, all with the goal of helping clients to find resources within themselves. Human beings have a depth of strength inside and I believe in my clients’ abilities to find those strengths and move through life bravely and wholeheartedly.

I utilize Trauma Focused CBT, Somatic Interventions, ACT, Mindfulness, and a blend of other approaches to guide clients through trauma, abuse, anxiety, and depression.

Therapy is a brave step, and the energy spent to find the right therapist often feels exhausting. Reach out today to explore if working with me may be the right fit for you.

Jewish Therapist serving the frum community in Pomona, NY


11 Old Route 202
Pomona NY, 10970

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