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OKclarity, your online shoulder to lean on.

Take a deep breath, we’re here for you.

your online shoulder to lean on.

Take a deep breath, we’re here for you.

Our Mission

Welcome to OKclarity, the online wellness platform for the Jewish community.

Physical and emotional health concerns can feel overwhelming. The idea of scouring the web for resources and advice can be intimidating and confusing, making it difficult to reach out for support and gain clarity.

We get that. And we’re here for you.

Offering both an engaging online community forum and easy-to-navigate professional directory, OKclarity is the go-to resource for those who are looking to communicate with others who truly understand.

OKclarity connects its community members with professionals and other supportive individuals. Whether you’re looking to further develop your physical and emotional well-being, engage with peers who can identify and empathize with your particular struggle, or elicit recommendations, this is the space for you.

With a growth-oriented focus on mind, body, and spirit, our community utilizes a holistic perspective in its approach to health and wellness.

When life is a struggle, this much is clear: you are not alone.

Join the conversation, a healthier you is just a click away.

Healthy mind. Healthy body. Healthy spirit.

Peruse our resources and find support for emotional health, physical health, personal growth and more.

Articles, Guides & Stories

Health matters. Personal development. Relationship advice. Lifestyle hacks. Our curated selection of articles are here to guide, inspire, and challenge your status quo while you strive to function as your healthiest and happiest self.  

Community Forum

Our forums facilitate empowering discussions and build relationships. Continue your wellness journey in good company and confidence. Conversations span from body image and nutrition, to anxiety, depression, and physical disabilities.

Directory of Wellness Professionals

Explore our comprehensive list of top recommended professionals and wellness experts.  Let our unique algorithms help you select the professional of your choice based on your individual needs and preferences.

OKclarity Founders

Our founders are passionate mental health professionals who believe that connection is the source of healing. Their confidence in the immense power of interpersonal relationships sparked the seminal concept for OKclarity.

Fay Brezel LMHC, DCC

Through her years of working as a psychotherapist, Fay recognized that the world of wellness needed to change. Every day, she worked with individual clients who were facing similar struggles, but who felt entirely alone. She realized that there must be a better way. Fay dreamed of a platform that would not only be helpful to members, but would empower them. Empower them to connect with one another. To unite in the sharing of knowledge and experiences. To quickly and easily access high quality information, and navigate a world of resources.

Fay’s experience and passion have driven her to partner together with a team of developers and other wellness professionals in designing OKclarity, the new elite home of holistic wellness. She welcomes you to explore and journey towards greater health in mind, body, and spirit.

Rachel Brezel LMHC, DCC

Rachel has devoted her life to facilitating individuals’ access to their innate health. Professionally, she has first hand experience from thousands of hours as a therapist specializing in complex cognitive and emotional struggles and over 30 years of experience as an educator. Her mission of revolutionizing the world’s access to wellness is further driven by immense insight gained from juggling the roles of wife, mother, and caretaker.

OKclarity was born out of a drive to dramatically transform accessibility to wellness for the better. Her work and life experiences have led her to believe that every individual has a voice that needs to be heard. That every single person needs a safe space to express themselves, and unite with others. This is that space.

Let's loveconnect withhelpinspiremotivatecommunicate withappreciatesupportlearn fromgain fromvaluebe OK withembraceemulateencourageinfluencecomfort each other.

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