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5 Tips For A Healthier Morning Routine

5 Tips for a Healthier Morning Routine

Mornings are hard- like, really hard. And for most of us, they typically begin with immediately grabbing our phones, scrolling through social media, reading through e-mails, etc etc. Basically, we are starting our day by filling our minds with loads of useless stressors. It’s these unhealthy habits that cause us to have such slow and monotonous mornings, which ultimately make us dread mornings even more. But that can change, and so can the quality of our mornings. Here are 5 simple tips to help you have a healthier morning routine, ultimately leading you to have better days, and a better life.

1 Limit Your Phone Time

We are addicted to looking at our phones, and whether we want to admit it or not, that is a fact. The first thing I do in the morning is grab my phone and start scrolling through whatever it is that pops up. I end up completely losing track of time, wasting away the precious dawn of the day, and honestly making myself feel lazier too. So put your phone down, get out of bed, and refresh your mind and soul by unplugging from technology.

2 Get Moving

Working out in the morning might seem impossible, but once you get yourself in the habit of exercising, it simply becomes a part of your routine. Even if you wake up and do a gentle routine, moving your body will get your blood flowing and make you feel more awake. Exercising in the morning also boosts your metabolism, so your body will be prone to burning more calories throughout the day! So whether it’s some light stretches, a 10-minute walk, or a hardcore workout- get moving and your morning will feel productive and amazing!

3 Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Hydration is SO important, especially in the morning. Set a big glass of water next to your bed, and drink it as soon as you wake up. If you have the means to make some sort of green juice or celery juice, that’s an amazing thing to have in the morning- it’ll hydrate you while also providing vitamins and antioxidants. Don’t like drinking plain water? Make some hot water with a squeeze of lemon, or put fruit in your water- such as cucumber, lime, mint, berries or melon. You’ll be shocked at how awake you can feel from simply hydrating your body!

4 Breakfast Actually Matters

It really does. A lot of people skip breakfast due to being short on time, or they might not be hungry in the morning and don’t feel like eating anything. You’ve probably heard this a million times over, but breakfast does matter- even if it’s just an apple or granola bar. Eating a healthy breakfast helps boost energy, improves concentration, and can honestly help you make better food choices throughout the day- since you won’t be completely starving when lunch rolls around.

5 Have a Positive Attitude

Okay, I know it’s totally cheesy- but having a positive attitude can actually make a difference in your day. Think about it: Say you wake up, something goes wrong, your morning is bleh– if you proceed to have a negative attitude and think, “Oh man, it’s gonna be one of those days”, then your day probably won’t be that great. It’s a mental thing, really. Your attitude sets you up for how you’re going to tackle your day. The more positive you are, the more productive and happy you’ll be!

A great life is composed of many great days. A great day begins with a great morning. A great morning is created one morning at a time.

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How do you tackle your mornings? Share your tips, suggestions & comments below

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